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CRISS Consortium About us

The CRISS and the challenge of the future

CRISS is an Italian consortium in the field of high technology on the Intelligence and Security. The CRISS focused on five strategic sectors - Territorial Security, Intelligence, Security Apparatus, Systems and Infrastructures, Training and Supporting Services.

CRISS is a Consortium with a clear and recognized vocation for technological excellence is essential to gain a position of national and international importance in the sectors in which it operates.
The CRISS has its headquarters in Italy and aims to be present in a stable manner with significant production assets in the Italian market, European, South American, African, Middle East, and is working to establish a significant network of collaborations in high-potential countries of the world.

CRISS works for the technological excellence of its products will face not only a commercial competitor, but also a reliable partner in many major international projects.

CRISS is an industrial district specialized in Integrated Intelligence & Security Solutions. Funded on the initiative of Link Campus University and ICSA Fundation.