CRISS Consortium Services

The CRISS has the ability to build projects safety against the risks of anthropogenic and natural.

The experience of his company and its advisors allows you to create customized and intelligent solutions.

- Development of integrated project on intelligence and security.

- Assistance to border control and integrated systems of national defense.

- Development project of Software dedicated to cyber security operations of government & business.

- Effective methods for organizing, testing, and evaluating transportation security across modes and professions project.

- Project of Management specific areas of knowledge, including hazardous materials, multi-modal transportation security,   emergency operations centers, fusion centers, continuity of operations, and business continuity.

- Infrastructure Security projects.

- Assistance in the formulation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

- Major Events Security projects.

- Disaster Management Response project.

- Risk Assessement & Management advising.

- Liaisons & Integration projects

- Assistance in international crisis-hit areas, with stabilization and peace keeping actions Environmental management.

- Legality and Development projects.

- Support to the enterprises.

- Intelligence services & Strategic Analysis.

- Training & Mentoring for LE & AF.