Training & Education

CRISS Consortium Training & Education

CRISS provide a wide variety training to government, corporate, media & ngo.
The CRISS include career national & international professionals advisors, and support of the Link Campus University, the Studies Center "Gino Germani", and international higher education centers. Course offering:

This training program consists of 8 courses and is designed to prepare people for hostile environments or dangerous. It will provide delegates the necessary skills to identify and neutralize potential threats and respond to various aspects of hostile environments.

Each course has a duration of 72 hours divided in 4 days, completely full immersion.

  - Staying Alive in Dangerous Countries.
  - Anti-Kidnapping.
  - PKidnapping Survival Ops.
  - SERE - Survival Evasion Resistance Escape.
  - NEO - Non Combatant Evacuation.
  - Journalists War Correspondents.
  - Combat Live Saver (US.Army Experience).

The ability to mitigate risks and diplomatic negotiations to resolve the crisis, are characteristic of Italian excellence, which in recent years has allowed Italy to stand out in a highly complex and dangerous scenarios. Accurate communication and respect for the other people cultures and traditions, have allowed the Italian cooperators to implement important projects to the stability and security in the high risk areas. In these courses teach Criss consultants taking advantage of the experience gained by Italian co-operators, to ensure the security of those who travel to countries at risk for development projects and cooperation.

  - Conflict Mitigation.
  - Pre/During /Post Crisis Management.
  - Community Outreach & Stakeholder Engagement.
  - Cimic Liaisons.
  - Mine Risk Education Training.
  - Familiarization with Arab/Islamic countries.

Disaster wears many faces. It can be a hurricane, a flash flood, a fire in your home, a terrorist attack or a financial crisis. Surviving and thriving during adverse events takes more than a vague idea of "doing something, going somewhere and waiting for the government to take care of me". Surviving a disaster takes planning and preparation.

  - Decision Making Process for identifying hazards & controlling risk.
  - Disaster Survival, planning & preparation.
  - CBRN Risk Assessment & Mitigation.
  - CBRN Emergency & Risk Management.
  - CBRN & HAZMAT Incident at Major Public Events: Planning & Response.
  - Emergency Health Initiative.

The consortium CRISS is able to offer the highest level of specialized training in the areas of Intelligence. The courses are dedicated to governments and corporate.

The courses of the Intelligence Consortium can offer include:

  - Imint drone intelligence.
  - Health Security Analysis.
  - Intelligence Concepts for Cyber Conflict (Basic & Advanced).
  - Intelligence Support to Policy Makers.
  - Global Prospective on Combating Terrorism & Trans-national Crime Organization.
  - TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures).
  - Humint Collection.
  - Elicitation & Counter Elicitation.
  - Competitive assurance.
  - Decision Making Process for identifying new threats(nationals & trans-nationals).
  - Business intelligence.
  - Due Diligence.

Training programs only for governments that want to reorganize and improve the operational capabilities of the law enforcement. The training is structured including all disciplines and skills of the activities of the law enforcement. These training programs are structured primarily on the structuring in the planning of operational activities related to executive control management procedures and tests designed to resolve conflicts.

The courses of the Consortium can offer include:

  - Law Enforcement Structure & Reorganization.
  - Nascent Police Support.
  - Heritage & Cultural Police Training.

Transportation is the lifeline of any nation, connecting people, supporting the economy, and facilitating the delivery of vital goods and services.
The 9/11 attacks and other attacks on surface transportation assets, including the bombings in Madrid, London, Moscow, and Mumbai, demonstrate the vulnerability of the open systems to disruption and the consequences of the attacks on people, property, and the economy.

By analyzing the most complex problems of transport security, Criss is able to offer a range of training solutions that cover all areas of transport security.

  - Civil Aviation security training program.
  - Maritime security training program.
  - Metro transit safety & security efforts.